Experienced & Personalized Life Coaching with A Spiritual Twist

It's how you get unstuck and have life-changing success and happiness (in 30 days)

• Healthy Relationships

• Optimal Health & Weight

• Career/Job Satisfaction

• Less Stress/Anxiety & More Happiness

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Why Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual and personal growth is the most powerful way for you to reduce your stress, get unstuck, have happiness and success in your relationships, job/career, health/weight and money.

Why Life Coaching with Lise?

Hi! My name is Lise. I'm a certified life coach, certified health coach and certified nutrition coach with over 7 years experience. My background also includes 25 years corporate + business owner experience.

I've helped people just like you have life-changing results and I can help you too.

What would you like to do?

  • Resolve difficult life challenges such as break-up/divorce, job/career dissatisfaction, get unstuck, life transition, new job/position/career, new living situation
  • Find balance, avoid burnout or self-sabotage without having to step away or sacrifice areas of your life that are important to you
  • Have healthy relationships (save your relationship, start dating/find a partner, have better relationships with family, boss/client/co-workers, neighbors)
  • Improve your health (lose the mental and physical weight, stop over-eating or over-drinking)
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety (feel better now)
  • Improve your money situation (get a promotion, change job/careers, start a business, have more money)

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There are Two Ways We Can Work Together:

Private Client 1:1 Coaching or the Monthly Group Coaching Program

1. Private Client 1:1 Coaching With Lise

How It Works:

Your personalized & confidential life coaching program is done remotely over Zoom (a free video conferencing app) in the privacy of your own home/office. 


How to Get Started:

1. Contact me through this form HERE to request your complimentary consultation.
2. We'll set up a time to chat (on zoom).
3. During your 30-min consultation, you'll learn how your personalized life coaching program will work, how long it takes, how much, etc.  I'll answer all your questions.
4. If we're both a yes, we'll get started right away helping you have the results you want.

Get the Process Started Now:


2.  Monthly Group Life Coaching Program


How It Works:

Details coming soon. This monthly life coaching program is done remotely over zoom (a free video conferencing app) in the privacy of your own home/office.


How to Get Started:

1. Add your name to the Interest List HERE to receive details. 

2. Check your email for details.

Get the Process Started Now:



Hey, in case you didn't know, I'm glad you're here today.

This isn't a coincidence! This is synchronicity working for you.

Synchronicity is God working behind the scenes to make sure you get what you need at exactly the right time.

Connect with me on my NEW YouTube Channel.


Weekly videos to help you learn how to use spiritual principles and your subconscious mind to have success with your relationships, health, career/job/business and money.


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About Lise

Hey!👋 Lise, here.  Here's the short version of how I got here. 

Before I was a life coach, in 2014, my stressful job and long hours were impacting my health. I had high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue & gained weight, just to name a few symptoms. My relationships were a mess and never lasted. And I was tipping the bottle way too often. 

I was miserable, even though from the outside looking in, I looked like I had my life together...

I graduated college in 1996. Majored in finance so that I could have a lucrative career and make a lot of money. I got those big corporate finance jobs. Made good money. 

At first everything seemed fine. But over time, the more money I made and the 'bigger' my career got, the more miserable I felt in my job and unsatisfied with my career and life.

I was always stressed. I was always working. I gained weight. And I drank a lot of wine. My 'miserableness' spilled over to every other area of my life. (Ever notice how when you're miserable in one area of your life, it spills over to other areas of your life?)

So below is the short story, how I ended up doing what I was supposed to do all along...be a personal wisdom & life coach. ❤️ -Lise

My life was a big mess!  I was miserable in my (almost 20-year) corporate finance job and career. I tried to feel better by drinking alcohol (which made me feel even worse).  My relationships never lasted. And my physical, mental health & confidence was deteriorating, fast.

I started asking myself, "Is there all this is? Is this really my life? Why am I here? There has to be more to life than going to work, coming home, going to sleep, going back to work, coming home and feeling miserable.  Same Routine. Different Day." I felt stuck in a rut, stuck in a high-paying job, stuck in life. Maybe you can relate.

I knew I had to do something or it was just going to get worse. Soooooo, I quit my 6-figure job. Yep...I quit!  With no notice and no plan. (Like I said, this is the short version.)

✓ In 2015, I did it! I abruptly quit my stressful corporate job, with no future plan in mind. Well, that's not totally true. I had one plan.  I knew I would never go back to a job or career I hated.  And I knew that I wanted to be financially independent from having a job.

✓ I was unhealthy, unhappy, overweight and drinking way too much. So the next step was to try to get healthy and lose weight -- even though I had no idea how.

✓ So I read a few nutrition books.  And guess what? I lost the weight and reversed my adrenal fatigue. I felt so much better!

✓ People started to ask me to help them lose weight. So I did! 

 I decided to get serious so I became a Certified Health Coach which led me to become a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach and then a Certified Life Coach.  

✓  I started helping people reduce their stress, lose weight, eat better, feel better, find fulfilling careers, start a business, make more money, save their relationship, find love, be more productive while working less, start over after a divorce, figure out their next best steps, to name a few. 

✓ Let me share what happened to me.  I stopped drinking. I improved my relationships. I improved my mental and physical health.  I had a spiritual awakening.

✓ What I realized is that I was living my purpose and using my God-given unique talents & skills.  Life became beautiful and fulfilling.

✓ You might be reading this and thinking 'You make it sound so easy.'  I'm here to tell you, some days were easy, some days were hard. Even today, as I write this, some days are easy and some days are harder. Plus I'm far from perfect. But everyday I strive to be just a little bit better than yesterday.

I'm here to help you overcome your challenges and obstacles. 

I'm here to help you be, do or have your deepest desires so you have a balanced, happy, healthy, more purposeful, prosperous and fulfilling life.

You're in exactly the right place. Welcome!

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It's how you connect to your purpose and passions, uncover your blocks, develop your intuition (your inner guidance system), uncover your deepest desires & align your actions with those desires and stay accountable to yourself so you have the outcomes and success you desire.

You'll learn and use tools, God-conscious/universal principles and your subconscious mind to help you have the success you desire.

As your coach, I'll never tell you what to do.  You'll learn how to tap into your intuition (your inner guidance system) because only YOU know what's best for you. I may make recommendations, but you always get to decide your best path.

You'll learn how to use tools, spiritual principles and your subconscious mind to help you create the results you want.

You'll learn spiritual principles from the Bible, the law of attraction, law of thought, law of cause and effect, and other spiritual laws/principles that specifically align with the results YOU want. 

You'll also learn how to get your results faster by using my proprietary spiritual method, the 1-1-10 minute method™. 

Learn more on my YouTube Channel HERE.  

First video goes live on May 31, 2022. 

Or book a complimentary consultation with me.  I'm an open book. I'll answer all your questions.

My coaching is not based on any religion. 

I believe there is a higher power, invisible universal intelligence that created the universe. I call it God. It doesn't matter what you call it...God, Source, Universe, Spirit, Invisible Intelligence, etc.

I believe there are powerful, hidden teachings in the Bible.

I believe there is much to learn from spiritual teachers like Jesus, Lao Tzu, Neville, Joseph Murphy, Dalai Lama, Carl Jung, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks, Napoleon Hill and Florence Scovel Shinn (plus others).

I believe that your life is the sum total of all of your thoughts/beliefs.  So to change your life/circumstances, you must start by changing your thoughts/beliefs.

You are a heart-centered leader if...

You lead with your heart. 

You are passionate about what you do. 

You want to make the world a better place. 

You're a leader in your community, job/business, school, church and/or family.

You are kind, compassionate, caring. 

You lead by example.

*All religions, race, genders and sexual preferences are welcome at Lise Lively Life Coaching.*

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Lise Lively, Personal Wisdom Coach & Certified Life Coach, helps heart-centered leaders have life-changing success through spiritual and personal growth. 

Breaking through your self-limiting barriers that are getting in the way of your success is the way to have the happy, healthy, prosperous & fulfilling life you desire.

Are you ready? 

To get the process started, simply request your complimentary consultation HERE. I'll be in touch within 24 hours.